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The skilled technicians at City Air Mechanical understand the needs of unique commercial HVAC design for different types of locations from office buildings to retail spaces. We offer tailor-made commercial designs according to the specific requirements of our clients, their facility, and their employees. This allows us to deliver the best in commercial HVAC design, ensuring an energy-efficient and high-performing system designed for your specific need. 

Our in-house team can help you retrofit if you're building a new commercial space within an existing building or can design a completely new system for a new space. Our state-of-the-art designs combined with our years of inexperience in the integration and automation of building systems makes City Air Mechanical a preferred choice for commercial HVAC design. 

Many HVAC systems do not fit the spaces they are designed to heat or cool. We will help you choose the right equipement for the space, so you get more efficient operation with fewer breakdowns. 

You know your building, what rooms are most often used, the age and places where it feels hotter or colder all the time. When you're installing a new system, we'll make sure to ask you these questions and take these nuances into account when desining your system. 

Heating and cooling is only part of the equation. How your building is ventilated is arguably the most important part of HVAC designs. Ductwork should be large enough to transport conditioned air and designed in an efficient and logical way. If you're replacing an old system, we'll thoroughly assess your ductwork to make sure it is adequate enough to handle your new system. 

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