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Plumber Fixing Sink


From a drippy faucet to major repairs, City Air Mechanical has you covered. While some plumbing issues may seem minor and easy to fix, they could be serious emergencies waiting to happen. 

At City Air Mechanical, our team of skilled plumbers has been serving the Bismarck and Dickinson communities for almost 30 years. We can quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and provide a resolution to make your plumbing pains disappear. 

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures 

  • Water Heaters - electric and gas

  • Tankless Water Heaters

  • Gas Boilers

  • Gas Lines

  • Radiators

  • Sump Pumps

  • Circulation Pumps

  • Copper and Pex Water Lines

  • Drainage and Vent Pipes

At City Air, we have the training and expertise to provide you with first-rate, cost-effective boiler services. With our same-day service, we can have your hot water running within hours. 

Commercial or residential, repair or installation, you can count on City Air Mechanical for excellence in boiler systems from inspection to follow-up. 

Our plumbing team is also trained in conventional gas and electric water heaters, as well as newer tankless water heaters. Keep the hot water running in your home or business with City Air Mechanical!

Image by Nathan Dumlao
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