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Got Allergies? We Have Solutions!

Spring is here, which means green grass, budding trees, and blooming flowers. For many North Dakotans, it also means itchy eyes, runny nose and loads of sneezing! Luckily, there are ways some HVAC maintenance can help reduce the number of allergens in your home.

Allergens are annoying. They are carried into your home through the air and can settle on the surfaces of your home. Particles like pet dander, dust mites, mold and other particulate can make the air in your home harder to breathe, resulting in itchy throats and red eyes.

The Solution? HVAC Maintenance!

Try these tips to help tackle the allergens in your home.

Purchase a high-quality furnace filter

High-quality furnace filters are one of the first lines of defense against poor air quality in your home. However, be sure the filter isn’t too thick as you still want the air to flow freely through your unit. Check your filter monthly and replace at least every three months. A dirty filter won’t trap debris and could make your system less efficient. We can recommend a filter based on your family’s specific needs (pets, children, allergies, etc.)

Get rid of debris around your unit

Your air conditioning unit pulls air from outside through your system. And that air eventually circulates throughout your home. Check for dust and debris on your outdoor unit and clear it away as often as possible to keep it form being pulled into your home. Plants should be at least 3 feet from your outdoor unit as well to enable the compressor to work efficiently.

And don’t neglect your indoor unit either. Dust and debris around your furnace will eventually end up in the air throughout your home. Sweep, vacuum and dust the area around your furnace to help reduce excess allergens. Check for mold

Mold thrives in humid environments. Have your ducts inspected and cleaned regularly to avoid mold build-up. Certain molds can also contribute to illnesses and even death if left unchecked. Call us for spring maintenance and we can inspect your condensate drain, evaporator coils and air handler for any mold issues as well.

Dust Registers and Return Vents

Most people dust their homes once a week but neglect their registers. These vents circulate air throughout your home. So, if they are dusty, your air will be, too. Tackle these first in every room using a damp or treated rag to keep from kicking up dust particles that may cause allergy issues.

Finally, schedule regular HVAC maintenance. Spring is a great time to schedule your appointment. City Air Mechanical can help keep your system healthy and can recommend whole-home purification solutions as well to help you reduce indoor allergens and ensure your system is dust-free!

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