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Help your Air Conditioner Last Longer

The joys of summer have arrived – long afternoons in the sun, weekends at the lake, sunset barbeques and, of course, baseball! But if you’re like most of us here at City Air Mechanical, you can only stand the heat for so long. Air conditioning makes those 90+ days almost worth it.

But the comfort of that cool home comes at a cost – regular maintenance for your AC unit can help you keep those costs under control and keep your AC running for years to come.

  • Most failures to your HVAC equipment, furnace, heat pump, air conditioning unit, are caused by lack of maintenance. Hire an HVAC technician at least once a year – early spring and fall are the best times to schedule as this is when most technicians are more readily available. We’ll check the evaporator coils, the compressor, fan motors, ducts, refrigerant, dirt and any electrical issues that may be present.

Dirt and debris can cause poor air flow or result in frozen evaporator coils. Keep the

unit clear of debris and change your filter regularly to help keep the unit clean!

  • Keep your thermostat at realistic temperatures. Smart thermostats allow you to raise the temperature in your home when you’re not there. Giving your AC a break when you don’t need it can also help you save on energy costs.

  • If you’re able, having your AC on the shaded north side of buildings can lower localized air temperatures and extend the life of your unit. Also, as mentioned above, make sure your unit is clear of debris and unobstructed. Weed the area around your unit at least once a month and make sure you do not have any large plants within two feet of the unit on all sides.

  • Windows let in lots of sunlight, but they also let in the heat making it harder for your HVAC to cool your home. The more heat and cold that you keep out, the less your unit has to work and the longer it will last. Invest in energy-saving blinds to pull down during the day when you’re at work or hiding out in your home office.

  • And finally, give your units a break when you can. On fall or spring days when the air conditioning isn’t necessary, turn your unit off and open up the windows. The less your unit is used, the longer it will last.

And if you run into any issues with your air conditioning unit, give the experts at City Air Mechanical a call. We can service any make or model and carry a great line of York products should your current unit decide it no longer wants to keep you cool.

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