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The Basics of Ductwork Fabrication

Ductwork is responsible for conducting huge amounts of air and dust throughout your home or business. If you’re considering upgrading from a window unit to central air, or looking at upgrading the ductwork in your commercial or industrial property, City Air Mechanical is the sole manufacturer in Western ND of CAM rectangular and spiral ducts and fittings. We provide innovative duct designs for your residential or commercial project.

The fabrication and installation of a ductwork system must closely adhere to industry standards in order to ensure structural as well as functional dependability. Here are some factors to consider if you’re getting quotes from multiple fabricators:

  • How does the fabricator configure the support system?

  • Will the supports hold up under excessive hat and dust?

  • Large quantities of now can build up on external ductwork in the winter. Is this extra weight accounted for?

If you want to avoid pitfalls, look for a commitment to quality manufacturing. An expert fabricator will ensure precision measurements throughout all pipes. At City Air Mechanical, we specialize in innovative design and will pay close attention to your unique design specifications. Quality assurance means checking and double-checking the joints, ensuring your ducts are resistant to corrosion and making sure that weather conditions will not compromise the structural integrity of your system.

We’ve been providing high-quality, innovative solutions for ductwork fabrication since 1999. From complex kitchen equipment to yard ornament repair, our specialty metal department can design, bend, roll and weld a wide range of metals, including:

  • ​Stainless Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Galvanized

  • Black Iron

  • Copper

  • Paint Grip

  • Expanded Metals

  • Other Metal Available with Special Order

Call (701) 223-3775 for a free quote and learn more about our full ductwork fabrication capabilities!

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